Henderson Custom 3D Sign Lettering

3d sign lettering

What is 3D Sign Lettering?

You can make an effective sign using just two dimensions. But why stop at two when you can use all three? 3D sign lettering uses shapely letters that expand into the third dimension.

Uses for 3D Sign Lettering

3D signs and letters are effective forms of commercial and building signage. The added depth of field of 3D sign lettering allows you to convey more of your brand’s personality, whether that’s bold and impactful, fun and creative, or prestigious and sophisticated. Use 3D sign lettering to identify your Henderson, NV, building or use it to brand the space in your Henderson business’s lobby.

Types of 3D Sign Lettering

You have several options when it comes to materials for 3D sign lettering. Lightweight options include plexiglass, PVC, and plexiglass on foam. If your 3D sign lettering need not be lightweight, you can choose cast-metal or polished brass for a more auspicious look.

Why Choose us for 3D Sign Lettering in Henderson?

What materials should you use for your Henderson 3D lettering? Should you illuminate your 3D lettering, making it into a channel letter sign? Las Vegas Custom Signs can answer any questions you have about 3D sign lettering.

Benefits of Choosing us for 3D Sign Lettering in Henderson

Las Vegas Custom Signs can design, manufacture, and install 3D sign lettering for clients in Henderson and elsewhere in Nevada. We can handle quick turnaround times and we have the design expertise to make your brand’s identity shine through with your 3D sign lettering.

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