Henderson Custom Awning Signs

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What are Awning Signs?

Awning signs are signs that appear on the awning above a patio or at the front of a store.

Uses for Awning Signs

It can get hot in Henderson. Really hot. You don’t want the customers of your Henderson café or restaurant to be sitting outside in the baking sun. An awning can keep them cool. Awnings can also reduce your air conditioning usage by keeping the sun off the front of your Henderson retail store. And lastly, awnings are useful because you can put a sign on them, identifying your business and branding the area around the awning as belonging to you.

Types of Awning Signs

An awning can depict pretty much any name, message, slogan, telephone number, website address, or graphic that you want, though large awning signs might require the use of large format printing.

Why Choose Us for Awning Signs in Henderson, NV?

If your business has an outdoor space, you should have an awning and if you have an awning, you should have an awning sign. We can design awning signs that get people’s attention but that also reinforce your brand’s image. Whether you manage a Henderson restaurant or a Henderson bookstore, we can make the perfect awning sign for you.

Benefits of Choosing us for Awning Signs in Henderson, NV

Las Vegas Custom Signs can design and manufacture awning signs for clients in Henderson, and elsewhere in Nevada. We can ensure your awning signs are eye-catching and durable.


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