Boulder City Custom Bus Wraps

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What are Bus Wraps?

Vehicle graphics turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard that promotes your business everywhere it goes around the Boulder City area of Nevada. Wraps are large-scale vehicle graphics that “wrap” around vehicles such that they are displayed on multiple sides of your vehicle. Busses, being some of the largest vehicles, boast some of the largest wraps.

Uses for Bus Wraps

A company that provides tours around Boulder City needs a high-quality bus wrap, that way they can promote their tour business everywhere they drive around Boulder City. A bus wrap also makes your tour bus more identifiable for customers and makes you look more professional.

Types of Bus Wraps

Wraps are generally used to display vivid, striking graphics. Your bus wrap could display your logo, slogan, website address, telephone number, or an attractive graphic that represents your brand.

Why Choose us for Bus Wraps in Boulder City, NV?

You need a sign and graphics company that can design a bus wrap for your Boulder City business that is not only attractive and appealing, but that also represents your brand by staying consistent with your other imaging and that doesn’t impair the driver’s vision. Las Vegas Custom Signs has the large format printing technology and know how to design vivid bus wraps that are also exceptionally durable.

Benefits of Choosing us for Bus Wraps in Boulder City, NV

Las Vegas Custom Signs can design, manufacture, and install bus wraps for clients in the Boulder City area of Nevada. We can ensure your bus wrap is eye-catching and durable.


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