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What are Applications & Permits?

Sometimes you need municipal or county permission to install a sign. To get that permission, you must file an application through the right channels.

Uses for Applications & Permits

Clark County, Nevada, as well as the municipalities within it, such as Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, and others, all have the authority to regulate signage within their jurisdictions. You must ensure that your Clark County business is in accordance with these regulations or else you could receive hefty fines and be ordered to remove your sign.

Types of Applications and Permits

Permits are most often required for large outdoor signs, though occasionally lighted signs can run afoul of light pollution reduction ordinances. The application you need to file to get permission for your sign depends on the type of sign you want to install and where you are located within the Las Vegas Area.

Why Choose us for Applications and Permits?

At Las Vegas Custom Signs, we know which signs are likely to need permission and we know which applications to file or we know how to figure such things out.

Benefits of Choosing us for Sign Applications & Permits?

If you have an idea for a large sign for your business or organization in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City, or elsewhere in Clark County, NV, we can tell you if that sign is likely to need permission and to which governing body you must apply to get that permission.

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