Henderson Custom Floor Graphics

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What Are Floor Graphics?

You might have shelves on walls, light fixtures on the ceiling, and a small front window or no window at all. However, many businesses in Henderson and elsewhere in the Henderson area have plenty of space on the floor. Why not install a floor graphic?

Uses for Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can be used to provide information, such as directional info, to promote a business, product, or service, or to brand an area as belonging to your Henderson business. You can also use floor graphics encourage physical distancing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Types of Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are great for Henderson lobbies, office buildings, elevators, factories, and more. Floor graphics can also be used for motivation or to promote unity. Spruce up your Henderson high school by installing a floor graphic with the school logo on the basketball court.

Why Choose us for Floor Graphics in Henderson, NV?

At Las Vegas Custom Signs, we make floor graphics that are highly durable and scuff and scratch resistant. This way you don’t have to replace that floor graphic in your Henderson lobby every other month. Furthermore, we can advise you on design and placement to maximize impressions.

Benefits of Choosing us for Floor Graphics in Henderson, NV

Las Vegas Custom Signs can design, manufacture, and install floor graphics for clients in Henderson and elsewhere in the Henderson area of Nevada. We can make eye-catching and durable floor graphics quickly and reliably.

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