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What are Monument Signs

Monument signs are large outdoor signs that are installed further away from a building that houses one or more businesses or organizations. Monument signs are usually installed close to a road or highway.

Uses for Monument Signs

Many buildings in Pahrump and elsewhere in Pahrump, NV, are not built right beside the road. There is often a yard or parking lot in between the building and the nearest street. This can make it difficult for passing motorists, cyclists, and even pedestrians to notice the building. A monument sign increases the visibility of a business or organization because it is a large sign built next to the road that identifies the business or businesses on the property.

Types of Monument Signs

Monument signs can be solid, sturdy structures built of brick, stone, or concrete. But they can also be slighter structures made of wood or foam core. A monument sign that identifies multiple businesses on one property, such as a mini mall, is called a “tenant sign”.

Why Choose us for Monument Signs in Pahrump, NV?

We can suggest the perfect design for the sign panel on your monument sign as well as the best materials and structure for the base of your monument sign.

Benefits of Choosing us for Monument Signs in Pahrump, NV

Las Vegas Custom Signs can design, manufacture, install, and repair monument signs for clients in Pahrump and elsewhere in the Pahrump area of Nevada. We can ensure your monument sign is eye-catching, cost-effective, and durable.

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