4 Types Of Yard Signs

4 Types of Yard Signs

Yard signs are effective and popular forms of outdoor signage. If you’re looking for an exterior sign, here are four yard signs to consider for your property.

1. The Post And Panel Sign Is A Classic Yard Sign.

The post and panel sign is named for its design. One or more posts hold the sign panel in place. The panel can also be held up by a crossbar or arm that extends perpendicular to the post. The panel can be affixed firmly or it can hang from a chain, rope, or cable so it can swing in the breeze a bit. This can generate movement that attracts people’s attention.

Post and panel signs have many possible uses. They can identify public parks, housing subdivisions, and campuses. Most real estate signs are a bit more rudimentary than post and panel signs, but some realtors and home sellers choose to use a post and panel sign to advertise their property.

2. Banners Are Great Yard Signs To Promote Events.

Banners, especially vertical banner stands, are great for outdoor events, festivals, and promotional events. Banners on banner stands can be tapered for better wind resistance. They can also retract into the stand for better portability and durability.

3. A-Frame Signs Can Be Placed On Yards To Serve A Number Of Purposes.

A-frame signs can be used for many of the same purposes as banners. They’re called “A-frame” signs because, from the side, the two sign panels and crossbar look like a capital “A”. A-frames display sign panels in two opposite directions, so people will notice it no matter which direction they’re coming from.

4. Monument Signs Can Increase The Visibility Of Businesses.

Monument signs are usually installed on the edges of yards, or parking lots, close to the nearest road. For businesses and properties with large yards or parking lots between their building and the street, visibility is often a problem. People driving, or possibly even cycling or walking, past your property might not notice or be able to read a sign installed on your business or main building itself.

A monument sign is a large freestanding sign that is typically installed close to the road or sidewalk. These signs are easy to notice and read for people on the sidewalk or road. Having a well-designed and well-placed monument sign means people won’t have trouble finding you or drive right past without noticing your business or property.

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