How You Can Use Wall Graphics

How You Can Use Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are often effective at conveying information, providing directions, branding spaces, advertising, and promoting and identifying businesses.

What Are Wall Graphics?

A wall graphic is any graphic that appears on a wall. This covers quite a bit of ground. Many wall graphics are made of vinyl and are adhered to the wall like a decal. However, sign panels installed on a wall can also be considered wall graphics. Such signs include acrylic signs, conference room signs, and while they may only contain letters, channel letter and dimensional letter signs are also typically wall signs. Lastly, there is digitally printed wallpaper you can use to display graphics on your walls.

Use Wall Graphics To Brand Spaces.

Presumably you will need a sign somewhere to identify your business and a wall is usually the best place to install this sign. On external walls, dimensional letters, or channel letters or cabinet signs if you prefer an illuminated sign, are great options for identifying and promoting your Las Vegas business. Retail stores and offices with lobbies or reception areas also benefit from interior branding wall graphics. For these cases, consider an acrylic sign or vinyl wall graphic to display the name and logo your business.

Use Wall Graphics To Provide Wayfinding Information.

Walls are also natural places to install wayfinding graphics. These graphics provide directions to customers, guests, and staff. Examples include an arrow pointing to the checkout or male and female figures indicating the restroom. Vinyl wall graphics are an effective and inexpensive option to provide these graphics.

Use Wall Graphics To Set An Ambience.

While not directly promoting your business, wall graphics can also foster an enjoyable and memorable atmosphere for your customers. Digitally printed wallpaper is great for this. Imagine a Korean restaurant in Henderson. By using digitally printed wallpaper that displays images and scenes from Korea, this restaurant can create an authentically Korean atmosphere for its patrons. By really immersing their guests in Korean imagery, they will stand out in the memories of patrons. This makes the patrons likelier to return the next time they want Korean food and likelier to recommend this Henderson restaurant to friends and family.

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