What Should COVID Signs Say?

What Should COVID Signs Say?

It’s 2021 and COVID-19 is definitely still a thing. To continue operating safely, Las Vegas businesses need COVID signs. But what should COVID signs say?

COVID Signs Should Indicate Your Las Vegas Business’s COVID-19 Policy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hurt just about every business and every area in the United States, and the world for that matter. But as a tourist hub, the Las Vegas area is walking an exceptionally fine line. Las Vegas businesses need to have an effective and effectively communicated COVID-19 policy. And the best tool to effectively communicate your COVID-19 policy is COVID signage.

Let’s start at the entrance of your Las Vegas-area business. If you have a shopwindow, that can be great place to communicate short, to-the-point COVID messaging. Window lettering or a small decal can say, “Masks Must Be Worn Inside”, or something to that effect. You can display an updated maximum occupancy here, as well. Once customers enter your business, you can say a bit more. A great place for a COVID sign is beside or as part of a stand that dispenses hand sanitizer. Your COVID sign here can say, “Please sanitize your hands before entering”, or something similar. Here, you can reiterate your mask policy as well as remind your customers about social distancing.

COVID Signs Can Be Used To Help With Social Distancing.

Social (or physical) distancing is also key to keeping your staff and customers safe from the coronavirus. The best signs for these are often floor graphics. You can use square decals displaying footprints to indicate where customers should stand while waiting in line for the checkout or even outside your business with the reduced occupancy limits. These footprint decals can say, “Please maintain at least a six-foot distance from all others”, or you can post this sign on the wall instead. Arrow floor graphics are also useful for facilitating physical distancing. If you manage a grocery store in Henderson, for example, you can use arrows to make your aisles one-way, thus reducing the possibility of customers bumping into one another.

COVID Signs Can Be Used To Advertise That You Offer The COVID-19 Vaccine.

If your Las Vegas pharmacy, your Henderson clinic, or another type of business or organization that you manage in Clark County offers the COVID-19 vaccine, you want to advertise that. The faster we get everybody vaccinated, the faster we can put this awful pandemic behind us. You can advertise that you offer the COVID-19 vaccine with A-frame signs, banners, exterior door signs, or window graphics, among other options.

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