What You Should Know About Custom Sign Design

What You Should Know About Custom Sign Design

From the world-famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign”, to glitzy signs further north on The Strip, to the many less-heralded signs in Boulder City and Henderson, custom sign design has always been important to Clark County, NV.

Custom Signs Can Play A Surprisingly Large Role The Success Of Las Vegas Area Businesses.

When you think of big promotional signs, signs that identify businesses and properties, and signs that brand indoor and outdoor spaces, you’re thinking of custom signs. Custom signs can be found all over Las Vegas and Clark County. If you open up a restaurant in North Las Vegas, you will need a custom sign you identify your business. You might choose a channel letter sign, a cabinet sign, or a monument sign, but whatever you choose, it will have to be custom designed to display your North Las Vegas restaurant’s name, logo, and/or slogan.

Custom sign design goes way beyond printing the name of your Clark County business on a sign. There are myriad factors that sign designers must consider. What are your brand’s colors? Does you brand have colors associated with it at all, and if not, should it? What are the qualities of your brand that you want to emphasize, even if subtly, with your custom sign? Can your custom sign contribute to the ambience in your business? These are questions a custom sign maker in Las Vegas might ask you during a consultation. It’s all part of a consultation and design process that ensures you get the perfect custom sign for your Las Vegas business.

Prominent Commercial Signs Are Not The Only Ones That Should Be Custom Made.

Not all signs need to be customized to your business. You can buy certain signs as standard issue. But should you? One of the keys to success in business is getting remembered. It’s the same principle that compels household name brands to continually advertise. They want to stay at the top of our minds whenever we think about cola, about mobile phones, about sportswear, or whatever their business is. You want people to remember your business after they visit or even just pass by it. Nobody is going to remember a bathroom sign that says, “Men”. But they might remember a Henderson Mexican restaurant that uses images of a Mexican man and woman in traditional dress to indicate their men’s and women’s bathrooms. Custom signs allow you to reinforce your brand and your theme.

Las Vegas Custom Signs

Who knows better what custom signs work best in the Las Vegas area than a sign maker in Las Vegas? To learn about our custom sign options, please contact us via our website or call 702-476-3058.

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