5 Things You Can Do With Wall Graphics

5 Things You Can Do With Wall Graphics

Walls offer highly-visible, open spaces on which to install signs and graphics. Here are five things you can do with wall graphics in your business or property.

1. Use Wall Graphics To Identify Your Business Or Property.

Walls are great places to identify your business or property. Outdoors, consider installing a lighted sign to heighten the visibility of your business and generate impressions at night and in the rain. Inside, a number of businesses, including retail stores and offices with lobbies, can benefit from interior wall graphics. A popular material for indoor wall graphics is vinyl. Vinyl graphics can be adhered to walls like a decal.

2. Use Wall Graphics To Brand Spaces.

Apart from merely stating the name or displaying the logo of your business, consider how your wall signage and graphics can effectively brand spaces. For this purpose, consider installing an acrylic sign or vinyl wall graphic to display the name, logo, and/or slogan of your business. Acrylic signs, conference room signs, dimensional letters, channel letters, and cabinet signs are all excellent wall graphic options.

3. Use Wall Graphics To Display Wayfinding Information.

Wall graphics can guide customers, clients, residents, and guests to help them navigate properties. Wayfinding wall graphics display directions to places of interest, such as restrooms, front desks, entrances and exits, elevators and stairwells, checkout lanes, and more.

4. Use Wall Graphics To Set The Right Atmosphere.

Wall graphics can also be decorative. Wall graphics can help set a pleasant and authentic tone for your customers and guests. Digitally printed wallpaper is very effective for this purpose. For example, a Mexican restaurant in Henderson can use digitally printed wallpaper showing images and scenes from Mexico to create an authentically Mexican atmosphere for its guests. By engrossing their patrons in Mexican imagery, this restaurant can stand out in their memories.

5. Use Wall Graphics To Motivate Your Staff.

Sometimes wall graphics are meant more for the staff of a business rather than the customers or guests. One type of wall graphic is a wall mural. A wall mural can include motivational slogans and imagery that reinforces the brand of a business. Such a mural in a North Las Vegas office can inspire motivation and unity.

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