7 Versatile Outdoor Signs To Consider

7 Versatile Outdoor Signs to Consider

Outdoor signs are everywhere you look around Clark County, Nevada. Here are seven outdoor signs to consider using for your Las Vegas business or property.

1. A-Frame Signs Are Great Low-Cost Outdoor Signs.

A-frame signs are called such because when viewed from the side, the cross bar that helps support the two opposite-facing sign panels makes the silhouette of the sign look like a capital ‘A’. A-frame signs are most often placed outdoors on sidewalks to entice people to come inside businesses. Restaurants, bars, and cafes often use them to display menus and daily specials.

2. Awning Signs Are Easy Decisions.

It gets hot here around Las Vegas. Awnings are useful for keeping the desert sun off your patrons on a patio or keeping the front of your building cool. And if you have an awning, it only makes sense to print your business’s name and/or logo on it.

3. Banners Can Be Used Outdoors In Several Ways.

You can hang banners horizontally over entrances or use vertical banner stands that sit on the ground. Banners are great for temporary or recurring uses, such as retail sales, grand openings, and other events.

4. Cabinet Signs Are Popular Lighted Outdoor Signs.

Cabinet signs, also called box signs, house a light fixture inside the cabinet that shines through one or two sign panels. Because they are lighted, cabinet signs have a large range of visibility and can be seen at night and in the rain.

5. Channel Letters Offer Another Illuminated Option.

Channel letters are lighted, individually crafted letters. While cabinet signs are more popular when affixed to a pole sign or monument sign, channel letters are more often installed on the exterior walls of buildings.

6. Vertical Signs Offer A Different Way To Use Space.

Your business or property might not have a wide enough façade for an effective outdoor sign. This is often the case in the denser parts of the Vegas area. The solution is often to build up and orient your outdoor sign vertically.

7. Vehicle Graphics Are A Type Of Outdoor Sign That Not Enough People Consider.

If your business uses one or more work vehicles, it only makes sense to brand them with a sign. This way, they can promote your business everywhere you drive.

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