Do Signs Need Permits In Las Vegas?

Do Signs Need Permits In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is known for its glitzy, glamorous, and sometimes enormous signage. But you can’t just go sticking big signs wherever you want. You often need sign permittance in Las Vegas.

Sign Permitting In Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, and Nevada more broadly, has a reputation for allowing things that other cities and states do not. But Las Vegas residents know there definitely are rules here and this applies to signage as well. Certain signs need permission to be installed. And we don’t mean because of content (assuming your proposed sign isn’t truly scandalous). Sign restrictions in Nevada largely have to do with illumination and size.

Sign Permitting For Large Outdoor Signs In Las Vegas, NV

The Las Vegas strip is famous for its large, illuminated signs. But if you want to install a large sign on your Las Vegas property, you better check if you need permission first. You can’t just stick a sign on your property that’s so large it blocks out the sun on your neighbor’s property. But how do you know if your sign needs permission? A local sign shop in Las Vegas should be able to research zoning ordinances and/or contact the right authorities to see if sign permission is necessary and, if so, apply for that permit through the proper channels.

Sign Permitting For Illuminated Signs In Las Vegas, NV

While not as common as for size, sometimes the brightness of a sign requires permission. Light pollution is a concern for many municipalities. Furthermore, bright, distracting signage can be considered a traffic hazard. That’s why some municipalities require that you apply for permission before you install a bright, flashy sign on your property.

Does All Of Nevada Have The Same Standards For Sign Permitting?

It would be simpler if this were the case, but alas, no. Sign regulations are not even uniform throughout Clark County. North Las Vegas can have a restriction on outdoor signage that Las Vegas does not have and vice versa. You could have design for an outdoor sign for your Boulder City business that would be totally fine if you were in Henderson, but Boulder City requires a permit for that particular size or type of sign. Just to make things even more complicated, it’s possible for different wards of Las Vegas to have different bylaws that regulate signs.

Las Vegas Custom Signs Can Handle Sign Permitting Issues For Your Business.

You have a business to run. You can’t spend hours researching zoning bylaws in Boulder City or Henderson. Las Vegas Custom Signs can help. We can research if your Clark County business needs a sign permit and then apply for that permit. To learn more about our services, please contact us.

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