The Benefits Of Bus Wraps

The Benefits Of Bus Wraps

You’re probably familiar with vehicle graphics. You might know what a car wrap is. But did you know that wraps can be applied to busses, too? Here are the benefits of bus wraps.

Vehicle Graphics

You can install a sign or graphic on just about any surface, and that includes the outside of your work vehicle. Installing vehicle graphics on a vehicle turns it into a mobile billboard; you can promote your business everywhere you drive, from Pahrump to Boulder City. Vehicle graphics come in different forms. If you just want something small, you can use a decal or, if you want to be able to remove your vehicle graphic and move it around, a magnet. Vinyl lettering is also useful to spell out the name of your Nevada business. But sometimes, you need to go big.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps are large-scale vehicle graphics. They are called “wraps” because they appear on multiple sides of a vehicle, thus they wrap around it. Vehicle wraps are the most outstanding form of vehicle graphic. Most wraps use something called window film. This is a type of perforated film that you can put on passenger side windows. Inside the bus, car, or truck, you can see out, but from outside, all people see is your vehicle wrap.

Bus Wraps

Tradespeople are big users of vehicle wraps. For example, a plumber in Pahrump might install a wrap on their van so that whenever they drive to a job around Las Vegas, they’re promoting their business. Businesses with fleets of vehicles can benefit even more from wraps. A taxi company in Henderson or a car rental company in Boulder City can install identical wraps on all their vehicles to not only promote their business but also to look uniform and professional. But what if your businesses uses busses? Wraps can be applied to busses, too! And because busses are so large, bus wraps are often very effective. RTC busses, tour busses, charter busses, and other businesses all use bus wraps.

Las Vegas Custom Signs Can Design Effective And On-Brand Wraps For Your Bus.

Las Vegas Custom Signs can design, manufacture, and install effective bus wraps. Whether you want a well-designed bus wrap to advertise on RTC busses or you want to promote your private Las Vegas tour bus business, we can make the perfect bus wrap for you. We’re proud to serve clients in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Pahrump, Henderson, Boulder City, and anywhere nearby in Nevada. We can also make wraps for cars, trucks, vans, and even boats! To learn more about bus wraps or our other products and services, please get in touch with us either through our website or call us at 702-476-3058.

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