Why You Should Consider Utilizing Elevator Advertising

Why You Should Consider Utilizing Elevator Advertising

Elevator advertising might seem like a niche idea, but it actually makes a lot of sense. If you own a Las Vegas business or manage a property with an elevator, you should really consider the advantages of elevator advertising.

What Is Elevator Advertising? How Does It Work?

Elevator advertising can be placed inside or outside elevators. If you place them on the external face of the doors of your elevator, people will see the advertising when they’re waiting for the elevator and every time they walk past it. Inside, elevator advertising is seen while people ride the elevator.

Elevator advertising doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s very effective. Think about it, you have a captive audience; there’s nothing to do in an elevator except avoid looking at the other person in there with you. If you manage a North Las Vegas condo building, a Las Vegas hotel, a Henderson office building, or any other type of building with an elevator, think about how many impressions you can generate with elevator advertising. Especially if your building is a high-rise.

What Do You Use Elevator Advertising For?

While some forms of advertising can seem intrusive, elevator advertising is often welcomed because elevators are such boring places. We often can’t even use our smartphones in there because there’s no reception! What will we do? Oh good, there’s an advertisement to look at! Use elevator advertising to deliver your own messages or earn revenue by renting out ad space.

What Does Elevator Advertising Look Like?

Elevator advertising could be a simple piece of paper behind glass on a bulletin board. That’s usually effective for small things like condo board bulletins or maybe a small ad by an internet service provider looking for business among the new residents of your North Las Vegas condo building. Similarly, if you manage a hotel in Las Vegas, inserting a small poster advertising the restaurant downstairs with the breakfast or dinner specials can also be effective. On the other hand, you can generate more revenue by installing a sophisticated digital sign to cycle through different ads in your Henderson office building. Looking for something else? Vinyl letters and graphics, acrylic signs, and floor graphics are other options.

Las Vegas Custom Signs Can Design Effective And On-brand Elevator Advertising For Your Clark County Business.

Las Vegas Custom Signs can design, manufacture, install, and repair elevator advertising for clients in North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, Henderson, and anywhere nearby in Nevada. Not sure what type of elevator advertising works for your elevator and for your business? We can help you decide. Please get in touch with us to learn more, either through our website or call us at 702-476-3058.

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