The Dos & Don’ts Of Trade Show Signs

The Dos & Don'ts Of Trade Show Signs

Trade shows and conventions are big business in Las Vegas, and if your business is attending one, you need trade show signs, so here are some dos and don’ts.

Do: Get More Trade Show Signs Than You Think You Need.

Sometimes businesses have the ability to scope out the area of the trade show, convention, festival, or conference where their booth will be beforehand, but this is not always possible. It’s difficult to know how many signs you’ll need. You don’t want your booth or area looking sparse and unimpressive, though. That’s why it’s wise to have more trade show signs made than you think you’ll need. This way you’ll be able to effectively identify and brand your area, and you’ll have replacements handy. If you don’t need all your signs, no problem, just don’t set them up.

Don’t: Spend Too Much.

Of course, getting more signs means spending more money. While you may be able to use the same signs at different trade shows, or at next year’s trade show, these are ultimately temporary signs, so you don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. Look to more affordable sign options for your trade show signage.

Do: Use Trade Show Banners.

Banners are perhaps the ultimate trade show sign. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, easy to move, and easy to install. You can hang a horizontal or vertical banner from the ceiling, fixtures, or over the entrance of your trade show room. Even handier are vertical banner stands. You can stand your banners up wherever you want and they can even retract into the stand for greater portability and durability.

Don’t: Cram Too Much Information On To Your Trade Show Signs.

You want your trade show signs to identify your business and give people a sense of your brand and what your business does. But you probably don’t need to include diagrams of how your product is used on your welcome banners or display your entire company’s history on a printed backdrop. The signs are to get people into your trade show booth; you can explain why your business is great once people come to you.

Do: Contact Las Vegas Custom Signs For All Your Trade Show Signage Needs.

Las Vegas Custom Signs is a sign company based in North Las Vegas, NV. We have helped countless clients create the perfect look for their trade show booth in the Las Vegas area of Nevada. To learn more about trade show signs, or about any of our other products and services, please get in touch with us, either via our website or by calling us at 702-476-3058. To book a consultation for the design of a trade show sign, please click here.

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