Top-6 Building Signage Blunders That Can Cost You Sales On The Strip

Top-6 Building Signage Blunders That Can Cost You Sales On The Strip

Investing in putting up building signage is no joke as it can cost you a lot if the outcome is not favorable. There is a lot of money and effort that goes into designing the perfect signage that will grab the attention of your prospects. If you are looking for error-free and valuable designs, you need to work with a reputed sign company like Las Vegas Signs. Our experience and expertise over the years have made us stand apart from the competition and built faith in many customers. We value your thoughts and work alongside you to ensure you get the best out of your investment.

Mistakes in marketing and advertising are part of the whole learning process. But some blunders should be avoided at all costs. Here are some of the blunders that are commonly seen.

  1. The first mistake to avoid while designing a sign is making the wrong color choice. Some colors resonate with your brand and you should use them to create brand awareness. Sometimes, people think that using bright colors will get people’s attention. This is true, but your messaging could get lost in the process.
  2. Uneven spacing while designing building signage could make it difficult for your audience to read. Keep the space even and check the font that you are using. Sometimes, to improve aesthetics, some fonts have some spacing between the letter when put together. Try to avoid using such fonts, because even though it is not a design mistake, it will look like one.
  3. There have been instances where the messaging has been strong but the message is not delivered simply because the text is illegible. Avoid using fancy scripts and stick to clear fonts that deliver the message.
  4. Another way your building signage can go wrong is when the graphics are too complex or the art is simply bad! If you wish for your customers to see your ad from afar, you need to design the building signage with simple and understandable art.
  5. Another major blunder that could happen is improper installation of the building signage. If that happens, it could become a safety risk as well as lead to people not noticing what is put up. This is why you should only work with professionals like our team.
  6. The material you choose to display your ad is very crucial. Therefore, if you have something in mind, share it with your sign company and let them be the best judge of it. The wrong material can lead to fewer impressions on your building signage.

Now that you know these are some of the many blunders you should avoid, get in touch with us and let us help you design the right signage for your business. Getting guidance is important when it comes to advertising even your logo. The placement, installation, font, colors, all of it matters. So, get in touch with us, and let’s design the perfect building signage that will make heads turn.

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