Vehicle Wrap Upkeep: How To Remove Tough Stains Without Scratching

Vehicle Wrap Upkeep: How To Remove Tough Stains Without Scratching

Maintaining your vehicle wrap is important because of numerous reasons. And while you may think a certain method works for vehicle wrap cleaning, make sure to double-check with your sign company. If maintained well, these wraps can last for years and provide you with full value for your investment. At Las Vegas Custom Signs, we not only design and install signs but also provide you with crucial information on how you should care for your signs.

Take a look at how you can get rid of tough stains without causing any scratches with these helpful vehicle wrap upkeep tips.

  1. Avoid using any form of abrasive materials to clean the vehicle wrap as it could scratch the vinyl, causing damage. Use a soft cloth, or a sponge, to clean the surface.
  2. Check the cleaning substance you use beforehand to know if there are any harmful chemicals. You may think that something stronger will make your cleaning a bit easier, but that might not be the case and would only lead to damage to your vinyl wrap.
  3. If you notice wax residue, on plain or textured vehicle wraps, use an all-purpose cleaner. Nothing too harsh though, because some chemicals could lead to fading of your text.
  4. Using isopropyl alcohol in small quantities is the best for removing stubborn stains. But, be careful to not use too much as it could be abrasive to your vehicle wraps.
  5. Lastly, keep it simple. Warm soapy water and a sponge is good enough to remove the toughest stains. And if you are too worried about the wrap getting damaged, seek professional help. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to consult with the sign company that designed your vehicle wrap for the best outcome.

At Las Vegas Custom Signs, we work with you to design and implement quality signs. Once your sign or vehicle wrap is installed, the work is not done. Care and maintenance are crucial for your signs to last long. A stained vehicle wrap will instantly make people look the other way. Keeping them clean and well-maintained is one of the ways to attract the attention of your audience.

So, if you are looking for more detailed tips and are looking to design and install vehicle wraps, contact us today. Our team has all the required expertise to deliver some outstanding work that will make heads turn.

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