What Are Vinyl Wraps Used For?

What Are Vinyl Wraps Used For?

For some businesses in the Las Vegas area of Nevada, a vinyl wrap is the absolute most cost-effective form of marketing available. Could a vinyl wrap help your business?

What Are Vinyl Wraps?

Vinyl wraps are a form of vehicle graphic. There are several different kinds of vehicle graphics, but wraps are the most noticeable and most extensive. They are called “wraps” because the graphic appears on multiple sides of the vehicle, thus appearing to wrap around it. They are made of vinyl because vinyl is flexible so it’s easy to work with, it’s a great material to display vibrant graphics, and because vinyl is relatively inexpensive. However, you must be careful with who you hire to install your vinyl wrap. At Las Vegas Custom Signs, we only use durable vinyl and high-quality adhesives that are guaranteed to not damage your vehicle’s finish.

What Are Vinyl Wraps Used For?

Vinyl wraps are used for promotion and identification. Whether your Vegas-area business uses a van to carry tools, a car to carry pizzas, or a fleet of taxis, there are benefits to making your vehicle stand out. For one, people will recognize you as soon as you pull up in your work vehicle which can save time and avoid awkward situations. Second, vehicles branded with high-quality vinyl wraps make the company look more successful and professional.

But the primary benefit of a vinyl wrap is its marketing potential. Let’s say you’re an electrician in Pahrump. You will drive to new jobsites around the Vegas area all the time. On Monday you could be doing a job in Pahrump, on Tuesday you have two small jobs in Las Vegas and North Las Vegas respectively, and then for the rest of the week you might have to wire a new house all the way over in Boulder City. That’s a lot of time spent commuting and a lot of money spent on fuel. But with a well-designed vinyl wrap, you can recuperate those sunken costs by promoting your electrician business everywhere you drive.

Are Vinyl Wraps Only Used On Cars?

No, vinyl wraps can be applied to a number of different vehicles. If you drive a van for your Pahrump electrical work, you can put a wrap on that. If you’re a roofer with a truck in North Las Vegas, you can install a vinyl wrap on that. Even a Boulder City boat rental can install vinyl wraps on their boats!

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