6 Commercial Signs You Can Use For Your Las Vegas Business

6 Commercial Signs You Can Use For Your Las Vegas Business

A commercial sign is any sign used for a commercial purpose or by a commercial business. If you manage a business in the Las Vegas area of Nevada, you need effective commercial signs to succeed. Here are six options:

1. 3D Sign Lettering

A good Las Vegas sign designer can convey qualities of your brand just with the font they choose for your commercial sign. Some fonts are fun, others communicate reliability, and some are impactful and convey the cutting-edge nature of your Clark County business. Whatever your font says about your business speaks louder when that font is represented in all three dimensions. 3D commercial signs are more noticeable and memorable than 2D signs. You can also illuminate your 3D letters, turning them into channel letters.

2. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are great indoor commercial signs. They look as nice as glass signs, but they’re lightweight, so they’re easier to install. Should an acrylic sign fall or be bumped into, it won’t shatter like a glass sign. Lastly, acrylic signs are cheaper than glass signs. Acrylic signs are great for displaying the name, logo, and/or slogan of your Las Vegas-area business.

3. Window Graphics

Window graphics are great front-facing signage. If your Las Vegas business has a shopwindow, you should really have some window graphics in there, even if it’s just the name or logo of your business. For larger window graphics, consider perforated window film that let’s you to install a graphic the full size of your window, but still allows you to see outside.

4. Monument Signs

If your front window has a parking lot or yard in between it and the nearest street, people are going to have trouble noticing it. Installing a monument sign closer to the nearest road will increase the visibility of your Las Vegas commercial business.

5. Vehicle Graphics And Wraps

There’s no rule that says commercial signs must be stationary. If your Las Vegas commercial enterprise uses a work vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, install vehicle graphics or a vehicle wrap on them to promote your business everywhere you go.

6. Trade Show Displays

Trade shows, conventions, conferences, and festivals are big deals in Las Vegas. If your business has a booth at one of these events, you need a well-designed display to get people’s attention.

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