What Do You Need For A Good Trade Show Display?

What Do You Need for a Good Trade Show Display?

There’s no shortage of trade shows, conventions, and conferences in the Las Vegas area of Nevada, so learn what you need for a good trade show display.

You Need Eye-Catching, Arresting Signage For A Good Trade Show Display.

You can’t always control where you’re placed at a trade show or convention. You might not be somewhere a lot of people pass by or you might be across a major player in your industry. What you can control, however, is your trade show display. It should be designed to garner as much attention as possible. You don’t want people passing by without noticing you or your trade show booth. You can do this with large signs, bright colors, bold design choices, and you can even use formidable signs such as 3D lettering.

Your Trade Show Display Should Accurately Represent Your Brand.

It’s not enough for your display to merely be eye-catching. If you grab people’s attention but don’t really say anything, then your display is of little value. What your display says goes well beyond the text it shows, though that is important, too, of course. Consider the elements in your other signs and imaging. What colors do you use? What font do you use for your slogan? How is your logo designed? A good sign company can design a trade show display that is consistent with the other imaging of your brand with consistent use of colors, font, and more.

Consider Small Additions That Can Bolster Your Trade Show Display.

Your trade show display doesn’t have to be just one thing. In fact, it’s probably beneficial if you incorporate multiple components into your trade show display. Banners are great because they’re lightweight and inexpensive. You can use retractable banner stands so you can stand a banner on its own on the floor as opposed to finding somewhere to hang it. You can also retract the banner into the stand for easier portability and greater durability. A-frame signs are also easy to move and set up and they can point people in the direction of your booth or area. And don’t overlook small touches like a custom table cover with your logo printed on it.

Work With Las Vegas Custom Signs To Get A Perfect Trade Show Display.

Las Vegas Custom Signs is a sign company based in North Las Vegas, NV. If you have an upcoming trade show, convention, conference, festival, or other event in the Las Vegas area of Nevada, we can craft and manufacture the ideal display for your business. To learn more about trade show displays, or our other products and services, please get in touch with us, either via our website or by calling us at 702-476-3058.

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