5 Outdoor Signs To Boost Your Business

5 Outdoor Signs to Boost Your Business

Outdoor signs can be grand, fantastic signs that identify and promote your Las Vegas business, or they can be used more subtly to draw people in. Here are five outdoor signs that can boost your business.

1. Channel Letters Are Great For Identifying Your Las Vegas-Area Business.

Channel letters are typically quite simple, but when made with high-quality materials and customized for your Nevada business, channel letters can be really effective. Channel letters are three-dimensional, cut letters that spell out the name of your business. Crucially, channel letters are also illuminated. Lighted outdoor signs can be seen at night and in the rain. With a font that evokes the character of your Les Vegas business, channel letters will stand out and represent you perfectly.

2. Cabinet Signs Are Another Form Of Illuminated Outdoor Signs.

Cabinet signs, also called box signs, are also lighted outdoor signs, but unlike channel letters, a cabinet sign shows one single sign panel. The light fixture is inside the “cabinet” or box of the sign and projects through the sign panel. A large cabinet sign can identify your Las Vegas business, or it can be used to display a slogan, a menu, or other information. Cabinet signs are good long-term investments because if you need to change your cabinet sign, you can simply install a new panel rather than buy a whole new sign.

3. Monument Signs Are Great Outdoor Signs For Expanding The Visibility Of A Business.

Lighted signs are great, but at a certain point, your Clark County business might simply be too far away from the nearest road to be seen. Monument signs are not installed on your business or building, but rather are freestanding signs that are installed closer to the main road or highway. This is helpful if you have a parking lot or yard in between your building and the road.

4. A-Frame Signs Are Inexpensive And Portable Outdoor Signs.

A-frame signs (also called sandwich boards) are usually placed on sidewalks just outside the door of a business. A-frame signs usually state the name of the business as well as the daily specials (restaurant), sale items (retail store), or services offered (salon or barbershop).

5. Awning Signs Are Outdoor Signs Used For Identifying And Branding.

Apart from giving the patrons of your Clark County café, bar, or restaurant shelter from the Nevada sun or rain, an awning emblazoned with your business’s name, slogan, and/or logo will brand the space around it as belonging to your business.

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