Are Truck Wraps Really Worth It?

Are Truck Wraps Really Worth It?

Truck wraps can turn work vehicles into mobile billboards. But how valuable can that be to your Nevada business? Are truck wraps really worth it?

What Are Truck Wraps?

Truck wraps are a form of vehicle graphic. Some vehicle graphics are as simple as removable magnets. Some are made of vinyl lettering. But often you’ll get the most bang for your buck by going big with your vehicle graphic. If you drive a truck, you can install a graphic that appears on multiple sides of that truck, thus appearing to wrap around it. Truck wraps typically include the name of a business along with its logo. You can also include a slogan, a website address, a physical address, and/or a telephone number.

What Are The Benefits Of Truck Wraps?

Imagine a house painter in Boulder City, Nevada. House painters don’t work in the same office every day. One week they might be painting a living room in Boulder City, the next they’re painting a garage in Henderson, and then they might be driving all the way to North Las Vegas to paint an office. That’s a lot of driving. It costs time and money for gas. But what if you could recuperate those losses.

Marketing is tricky. Especially for a small business. How much can your Nevada business afford to spend on advertising? Can you afford a radio ad? A television commercial? Will it do you any good if you don’t hit your target demo? With a truck wrap, none of these questions really matter. You’re going to be driving all around Clark County, anyway. So why not promote your Boulder City painting business, or whatever your business is, while you do it?

Are Truck Wraps Cost Effective?

How many people do you drive past in the Las Vegas area every day? Five hundred? A thousand? And how many of those people notice your vehicle. Well, if you don’t have a truck wrap, quite possibly none of them really take notice of you. But with a professionally designed and attention-grabbing truck wrap you can generate thousands of impressions every day just by going about your daily business. And that can amount to a real increase in revenue. Best of yet, truck wraps are incredibly low risk. They don’t cost much at all to have installed and once they’re installed, they’re there for years; you don’t need to pay every month like you would to keep an advertisement running.

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