8 Indoor Signs To Consider For Your Business

8 Indoor Signs To Consider For Your Business

Indoor signs can brand interior spaces, contribute to ambience, provide important information, advertise products and services, and promote your business. Here are eight indoor business signs to consider for your Las Vegas, NV, business.

1. Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are lighter and cheaper than glass signs, so they replicate the same air of stylish sophistication without the drawbacks. They’re great business signs for branding indoor spaces. For example, a Las Vegas hotel should consider using an acrylic sign in their lobby with the name, logo, and or slogan of their hotel.

2. Bathroom Signage

If you install a sign that simply says, “Bathroom”, you’re passing up an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s identity and your business’s atmosphere. For example, a bar in Henderson with a speakeasy aesthetic can use bathroom signs that include 1920 caricatures of a man and a woman to underline their theme.

3. Ceiling Graphics

People don’t expect to see signs on a ceiling. And that’s what makes them effective indoor business signs. Ceiling graphics are sure to grab people’s attention, provided you have the requisite sightlines in your Las Vegas area business. Ceiling graphics are great for branding spaces and promoting your business.

4. Floor Graphics

Floor graphics work in much the same way as ceiling graphics. They’re often easy to see and they grab people’s attention. Floor graphics are also useful for COVID signage.

5. COVID Signs

Unfortunately, COVID-19 will continue to be a major part of our lives for at least half of 2021. COVID signs are a valuable tool to keep people safe by stating mask policies and encouraging physical distancing, using floor decals spaced six feet apart, for example. COVID signs are especially important in a tourist hub such as Las Vegas, but even if your business is farther a field in Henderson or Boulder City, you still need COVID signs inside your business.

6. 3D Sign Lettering

3D letters are great indoor business signs because they stand out better than two-dimensional signs. If you rent space in a mall, for example, 3D letters are a great way to identify your store.

7. Window Signs

Another great way to identify your store is with a window sign. While displaying outside shop windows, window signs are considered indoor business signs because they are applied on the inside of the glass to avoid wear and tear from the elements.

8. Wall Signs

Wall signs are versatile indoor business signs. They could be an arrow pointing to the bathroom, a sign advertising products, or a mural motivating staff and promoting unity.

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